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Random Acts of Bitcoin

Send each other gifts using Bitcoin, and a list of companies that provide support for this currency.

Greater Raleigh/Durham Bitcoiners

Promoting Bitcoin awareness and adoption in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill areas of North Carolina.

I found out that Coinbase is not accepting US residents for the "Bitcoin Gift Card" service.

I went to Coinbase and they told me that they are not accepting people from the US for the Bitcoin Gif Card service.
Can anyone from the US tell me if CoinBase does accept US residents for the service? I have a question that I'm not sure if it is a legitimate question.
Thank you!
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I saw 5 million satoshi being given as a gift on a Twitter page I came across. I immediately participated in the lottery. If I didn't calculate it wrong, it makes about $ 100. I'm leaving the link.

Bitcoin Gift
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1: twitt**Coin*ral/s**tus/13**9**112**3444*36 2: www.**intral.**m/excha*ge*reg**ter 3: **i*te*.com/Co**tr*l*status/*3*691211296*44*7*6]^^1 4: **w*c*intra**com/exch*nge*registe*]^^*
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Bitcoin Gift for my Bitcoin Bro

Hey all, My brother just landed an awesome bitcoin job in San Francisco, and his birthday is coming up. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for an awesome gift to get him. Books, electronics, merch, anything is cool. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Perfect Bitcoin Gift Card - Elegant Edition

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TechBank 5$ Bitcoin Gift

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Millennial Bitcoin Gift Card - the best way to make a unique gift

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Start accepting Bitcoin gifts with easy - Class plastic card connected to your BTC wallet

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Stylish Bitcoin Gift Card for any occasion

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Bitcoin Gift

Hello I am new to Bitcoin and I'm curious if there is such thing as a Bitcoin gift card that is easy to purchase and be able to used in the same day.
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Bitcoin gift/sale complication.

Last fiscal year, my girlfriend and I came upon hard times and I had to sell the last of my bitcoin. Unfortunately something was wrong with my bitcoin service and I could not withdraw directly, and time was short. I transferred the bitcoin to my girlfriend, who withdrew it (I believe under $3k). We then used that money to pay the rent.
She is doing her taxes early, and ran into complications filing the bitcoin related taxes since she did not purchase it or do any job to earn it. I checked this sub-reddit's wiki on gifts and I am hoping she will be able to mark it as a gift and I can go through the more complicated forms (since I have all the information when I purchased it).
I have the cryptocurrency guide up, but I feel it does not cover my specific question.
Is this the proper way to go about this? I appreciate your time and any advice I receive on this.
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Bitcoin gift idea for no coiners

Just thought I’d share a neat concept I used to gift bitcoin to friends/family members on their birthday or Christmas which was received rather well and generated a lot of interest. Use a mockup certificate to create a “bitcoin gift card” which displays the amount you are gifting (in bitcoin, since the value fluctuates) to the name of the person. You can add other elements like the coin name (Bitcoin of course, but I’ve done it for Litecoin also since a family member already had BTC), add the coin symbol etc to make it look more quirky. Add a QR code that links to a reliable source that explains how the gift holder can create a wallet of their choice without being mislead. Once the gift holder acknowledges that they are ready to receive their token, you ask for their address and send over a test transaction to confirm that they’re doing it right. Then send over their gift funds. Interest sparked. Creative gift idea compete. If they don’t create a wallet you simply hold their funds on their behalf until they are ready to receive / might even want to cash out instead - of course you insist that they don’t cash out and explain the HODL wisdom.
Edit: Once you’ve mocked up the certificate I’d personally use a professional print company that offers documents to post. Printing the certificates yourself would just result in a unpro piece of paper which doesn’t look official or legit. Those certificate mockups I linked above look so sweet and the quality is amazing when printed on thick shiny paper.
I used this method two/three years ago for my mother and she literally framed the certificate and was so chuffed that she owned Bitcoin. To this day, she hasn’t cashed out and always checks the price, bless her.
Edit: Wow thanks for the silver mystery reddit user, never received any awards before so that was a super nice surprise! I will continue to find new ways in which to expand bitcoin into the mainstream. God bless Bitcoin and the community!
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Bitcoin Customer Care Number {+1^866^598^OOO3} Bitcoin Gift card Customer Care phone Number Wallet billing number USA

Bitcoin Wallet billing mail has been launched for fulfilling requirement of checking the mails through any device. It has made easy for the users to access the account from even a simple computer. With this mail account you can simply “Sign-In” in your account by putting the email address and the password. Once you “Sign In” you can check the activity of your mail account. You can compose, read the incoming mail and also download the large file attachments.

Majority of people has been registered with Bitcoin premium email account because it is completely different from other mail accounts with number of favorable qualities available in it. It is currently considered as one of the leading webmail application that has got the remarkable reputation among the users and it’s effectual Bitcoin email customer support is always available for those users who generally face issues while handling accounts. To update them the customer carenical team attends sessions which over different parts require for the effective support. {1+/𝟖𝟖𝟖+/598+/𝟎2𝟎5-}

Why Contact Bitcoin 24/7 Support Number:{1+/𝟖𝟖𝟖+/598+/𝟎2𝟎5-}Being a part of Yahoo and AT&T services it offers a easy handling mailing option but there are also many customer carenical glitches occurs with users that you may face as well. For these issues you can contact customer carenical support to get help and you can find plenty of them in the internet. Customer carenical support is available 24x7 so that you can contact them according to your convenience.

Bitcoin enterprise Email Account Troubleshooting sources:Bitcoin password not workingNew account sign up assistanceControlling spam, junk and phishing mailsConfigure mail account intovariousmailingservicesanddIssues in sending/receiving mail

Let’s have some discussion on the Bitcoin premium mail issues solved by the team of Bitcoin online phone support- {1+/𝟖𝟖𝟖+/598+/𝟎2𝟎5-}

Setting the Bitcoin account on Android

From your “Application” menu select the icon of Email

Enter the name and password and now “Manual setup” should be selected

“POP3”should be selected now

Directly you would access the “Incoming server settings”

The email address should be ended with u/

Do the change in the incoming server box so, that it will display “pop.mail

Tap the option for “Next”

Go and now you should click on “Outgoing server settings”

Go and do the selection of “Edit” for outgoing server settings that will show “smtp.mail

“Next” should be selected now

You can access to the page where you would be assign with “Display/Account names

Emails would come in few minutes so, you should wait

If the process is taking too long to execute then you can contact Bitcoin internet support

Change the password of Bitcoin desktop mail account

First you should go to the page of Yahoo as you know that Bitcoin online account has been merged with Yahoo

Tap on the icon of “Mail” that is at the upper right side of the screen

Do the “Log In” process with your Bitcoin email address and password or you can select the button by selecting the “Forget password”

When your “Sign In” process complete “Yahoo account info” should be selected

Now “Manage password and security” should be selected

Now access to the AT&T online account management

Once entering the email address and password you would get directed to the password reset page

Set your password and save the changes made by you

During this process if your internet connection becomes slow then contact the Bitcoin WiFi customer serviceBitcoin email customer service {1+/𝟖𝟖𝟖+/598+/𝟎2𝟎5-}

The error that generally comes while handling the account needs to remove any time stretch so, that none of the bugs can affect the email account further. The customer service has been designed and introduced to give immediate relief to the users. If you are one of the users who currently facing the bugs then you can trust the customer service team of Bitcoin. The support team is ready to be your companion.
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Prestige Bitcoin Gift Card

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Holiday Bitcoin Gifting - Best Practices?

I’m thinking of gifting modest amounts of bitcoin soon. What are some good approaches? Please focus on suggestions. I’m not looking to debate the idea of gifting. For my purposes, these are people I know have expressed an interest in Bitcoin but otherwise haven’t taken any steps to try it out. Just looking for simple solutions and perhaps some “this worked for me” results. Paper wallet? Setup a wallet and give them backup code words? Etc.
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Elegant Bitcoin Gift Card

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Bitcoin "gift" purchases

Hello all! I just finished putting like 12 hours into the CT software (damn you Bitrue!!!). I'm trying to get an opinion on this: I have a friend who sports bets with Bitcoin but he's too lazy to buy Bitcoin. So about 10 times I bought BTC on coinbase and sent it directly to his sports website account. He then reimbursed me in Fiat via PayPal. How would you all recommend accounting for these BTC purchases on coinbase for and tax purposes?! Thanks!
Edit: I don't hold or trade BTC so those are the only BTC issues I have to address for my taxes.
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My $10 Bitcoin gift to my secret santa in 2015 is now worth $337 buckaroos.

I should have given him $50 then this post would be more impressive.
Transaction From 2015 (still unspent) -
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Bobby Lee Introduces American Actor Bruce Willis to Bitcoin, Gifts Ex-Texas Congressman BTC

Bobby Lee said he introduced Willis to Bitcoin and gave his two daughters some bitcoin BTC
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Best Bitcoin Gifts for Crypto Enthusiast | Christmas 2019

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A question about Bitcoin gifting services

Has anyone seen the recent uptick in Bitcoin gifting services? I'm talking about the ones that let you *gift Bitcoin to anyone by text and I've even seen one that let's you give BTC to anyone on twitter.
How do these services work internally? Can this model be extended to more than just text and Twitter? Are they centralized services or is there some weird onchain magic devs are pulling with this.
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Be a part of The One Percent. The Worlds First Bitcoin Gifting Community. Residual Bitcoin Gifts For Life Based Simply off the Principles of Group Economics. Changing the World One Gift at a Time!
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Canadian Bitcoin Gift Cards now accepts Nano!

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Gift Card Google Play Bitcoin - YouTube Funny Gifs - Crypto and Bitcoin - 2019 YouTube How To Buy Bitcoin With Gift Cards On Paxful - Step by ... Bitcoin gift - YouTube

Bitcoin Cards for universal Gifts - The Joy of gifting crypto with ease. Beautiful cards for any occasion, suitable for any Bitcoin wallet by your choice. Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH. However, Bitcoin Gift Cards really simplifies the process of buying Bitcoin. I had no problem redeeming my Bitcoins. Highly recommended! Awesome, received it quickly! It was very easy to add the Bitcoin Gift Card balance to my son’s Bitcoin wallet. He is very happy! My wife and I are not tech savvy at all, and we could not figure out how to buy Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Gift Card was exactly what ... Browse all of the Bitcoin photos, GIFs and videos. Find just what you're looking for on Photobucket Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Bitcoin GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY.

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Gift Card Google Play Bitcoin - YouTube

Rise Wallet is perhaps the simplest way to onboard into Bitcoin. Pick up a gift card, scratch the back, scan with the app, receive Bitcoin into your own newl... Click Here : - Gift Card Google Play Bitcoin Related search : How To Get Free Gift Card Codes Roblox Apple Gift Card Code Gene... Funny Gifs - Crypto and Bitcoin - 2019 I'm a little under the weather. So, since I can't make a face-to-face video for you all, Check out these funny crypto and bitcoin gifs! Auf YouTube findest du großartige Videos und erstklassige Musik. Außerdem kannst du eigene Inhalte hochladen und mit Freunden oder mit der ganzen Welt teilen. Neste mês estamos completando dois anos de trabalho para democratizar investimentos de alto rendimento! Para comemorar essa data especial e facilitar ainda m...