R9270X-DC2T-4GD5 Grafikkarten ASUS Deutschland

[USA-CO][H]Firepro s7000, 270x [W] amd gpu's paypal bitcoin ether

s7000- This was a gpu made by AMD for VDI and does a amazing job as a workstation card. I have used it with CREO and Solidworks with great success. I have also ran many games on it when it was used for passthrough in the hypervisor . I have ran it with a small overclock for the majority of the time I had it (my sig rig shows a test I did for bench-marking only) This card runs INSANELY cool rarely getting far above 40C even when overclocked currently I have two 80 mm fans on it and one smaller fan on the back (to cool the mem) For comparison this card should eiasily be able to beet a k5000 when on stock freqs and should preform much better with a overclock. asic quality 78%. card only.
270x- I removed the fans and cover and put a delta 80mm server fan on it. heat was never a issue again
s7000-$300 cheapest I can find elsewhere is around 1k
fury(x), 290's 390's 280's nvidia cards
I believe my prices are fair but if you disagree feel free to message me.
some heat under cdabc123
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GPU troubles

I upgraded my PC in april. I got a new GPU, CPU, MOBO and RAM. After upgrading i have been experiencing weird crashes everytime my GPU is under a certain load the crashes consist of my monitor losing signal and the fans in my PC ramping up. Today i took out my new GPU and reinstalled the old one and it seems to be running better than the new one in most scenarios. Is there anything i should try to fix the new one? I have checked and the new card is not corroded nor rusted. FYI the new GPU is a used GPU (it was used for bitcoin mining). Any help is greatly appreciated.
Old GPU : Radeon R9 270X New GPU : Radeon RX 580 (4GB)
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GPU abusers exposed, disgusting photos of caged GPUs forced to work to death (steel yourselves brothers!)

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How necessary would it be for me to upgrade my GPU?

I'll preface this by stating that, while I did buy all the parts for me previous two PCs, I didn't put them together and I mostly just bought the parts that sounded good at the time. I play Final Fantasy XIV the most currently, so I'm looking to upgrade my PC a little so that it can run bettesmoother.
Here is my current build:
CPU: AMD FX-4300 Vishera Quad-Core 3.8 GHz
Motherboard: MSI Gaming 970 Gaming AM3+/AM3 AMD 970
Memory: G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3
GPU: MSI Radeon R9 270X GAMING 4GB 256-bit GDDR5
The people that I play with have said that my primary bottleneck is probably my CPU, so I was thinking of upgrading that first, but then it started to snowball from there. The CPU I want to upgrade to is incompatible with my motherboard, so I'd need to upgrade the motherboard as well. But my current memory would be incompatible with that motherboard, so I'd need to upgrade that as well.
Here's what I'm looking at for upgrades:
CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 1500X Quad-Core 3.5 GHz
Motherboard: ASRock AB350 Pro4 AM4 AMD Promontory B350
Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4
GPU: ????
Question is... would I need to upgrade my GPU right now? I understand that my current card is over four years old now, but with the GPU market currently as jacked up as it is due to bitcoin miners, it's hard to find one that's affordable. I'd like to get a more current AMD RX GPU, but most of those are going to double the price of what it would be for the CPU, Mobo and Memory. So, would it be possible for me to just... hold off on buying a new GPU until the market stabilizes? Or should I just bite the bullet and maybe buy an older model RX that's more affordable?
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Can I use the 5 GH/s Bitcoin Miner from Butterfly Labs to mine dogecoin?

I was just wondering if this is actually possible. I have it sitting here and it is almost useless considering the monster farm of miners you need to mine bitcoin now :/ If not how do you recommend going about mining large amounts of dogecoin?
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PC from 2015 upgrade question - 1150/i5-4460/r9 270x

Hello there!

Bitcoin craze delayed my upgrade a bit, but it's high time I do it. My current rig works flawlessly with Witcher 3 for example, but new titles (even Deus Ex: Mankind Divided) stutter, BAD. Should I change my CPU (still using 1150)? GPU? Both? Add next 8gigs of RAM?
i5-4460 3.2ghz 8gb ram 1600MHz DDR3 CL9 SSD Intel 520 SSD 120GB SATA3 (system, windows 8.1) Sapphire Radeon DUAL-X R9 270X 4 GB GDDR5 11217-04-20G MOBO MSI Z97-G43
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My Dogecoin story (and a small giveaway!)

I have been fascinated with the concept of cryptocurrencies since I heard about them a few years ago when I was still in school 2-2.5 years ago. Unfortunately I didn't anything more than a laptop to mine with so it wasn't worth me trying to mine Bitcoins.
A months ago I was looking to upgrade an HTPC that I had built for my apartment with an upgraded GPU so I could do some more serious gaming. In order to offset some of the cost (since I can't obviously use the computer all the time) I decided to take up mining.
I ordered my new R9 270x which was leaps and bounds better than my old card and started mining Litecoins after having seen them around on the internet but soon grew frustrated at the fact that a lot of power miners had moved in and it was tough to gain much.
I moved to Worldcoin after that because I could earn more through that but found very little going on with it beyond the mining community.
After I read an article on Dogecoin on the Verge I stumbled on this Reddit and the rest, they say, is history. The amount of excitement was something I hadn't seen before and was very interested in! I actually set up a reddit account specifically because of this subreddit. I set my computer to mine Doge during my whole Christmas break when I was back visiting my family. I have also traded some of my other coins for Doge and I'm now in for over 200,000 Dogecoin and counting!
I plan to be there when we reach the moon and want to help some other shibes so I'm sharing the wealth! Just leave a comment and I'll be giving out some Dogecoin
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Made $1 Million mining. Want to Cash out. worried about being unemployed

Basically back in early 2016, I bought some second hand Radeon 7970s and r9 280x and been mining ETH since it pretty much launched. Back then you basically made like 1 ETH per GPU per day. Back then a 280x mined at like 27MH/s since the DAG was very small. Even my R9 270X mined at like 20MH/s.
I kept all this ETH, along with the free ETC, sold all of my ETH/ETC when it peaked at $400 last Summer and went all in BTC. BTC went 5x since that time. Also got the free bitcoin forks.
I kept cashing out a small amount with bitcoin ATMs and basically quit my job since it wasn't worth the hassle.
Now I want to buy a house but I am worried about sending $1,000,000 to an exchange like Gemini/Coinbase/Kraken/Bitstamp and have them freeze this BTC.
I am worried they will ask for employment papers and I've been unemployed since 2016.
All this money was made legally. However since I mined to an exchange instead of my personal ETH wallet, I might not be able to provide a signed message proving I am the one who mined those coins. Since all the coins were mined directly to my Poloniex account. I do have receipts for some RX 470s that I bought last year and wondering if its sufficent. Do I need to take photos of my mining rigs and show it to my exchange as proof?
I know I can buy USDT tether but I am worried that its not really backed by anything. I also don't know if any of the Bitcoin Future Options will be sufficient since they might carry crazy premiums for the puts.
Wondering if people had issues withdrawing large amounts.
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PC Selling Advice!

How's everybodys' day goin? Ok, so I have 2 computers. My main gaming PC is what's in my flair. And then I have a mini PC that I use when travelling and Bitcoin mining. Now, I'm thinking of selling the mini pc, but I want to be able to afford another 980Ti for my main PC. So here's my questions.
  1. How much do you think I could get for it? All parts work perfectly and the GPU ( it was an r9 270x that I mined on ) is now a 960. I did not mine on the CPU. Everything works great, love the little guy when travelling home. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/jQ6MP6 Everything new price.
  2. Would it be worth to sell the mini PC for another 980Ti or should I wait and see what Pascal can offer? As in will upgrading to Pascal give me more than a 30fps boost in games or will SLI 980Ti be the way to go for me.
  3. Could I sell the Sapphire R9 270x for a very reduced price?
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I could use some help/suggestions finding upgrades for my current rig (MOBO, GPU, and CPU)

I build my desktop back in 2012 and it's got a fair amount of hours on it at this point. I'm not having "performance issues" exactly, but I am noticing a few slow down points that seem abnormal. For example if I've got a torrent or steam download running and say 7 chrome tabs response time begins to diminish.
I've done a fair amount of troubleshooting to see if I can clean things up (defrag, disk clean up, virus scans, reformat drives, re-image primary drive which is SSD, etc.) and i'm still having some issues. So I'm looking to bite the bullet so to speak and upgrade...thought without breaking the back.
I don't have a hard price limit, but I'm not looking to spend $1500 to upgrade.
Components I'm looking to upgrade
The Mobo and CPu were bought knew in 2012, the Radeon R9's I boght used from a friend 2-3 years ago. He only used them for bitcoin mining and had less than 100 hours on them.....I know this is my biggest limitation so this is number #1 on my upgrade list.
Other components in Rig
I've looked at /buildapcsales for deals, but have had a hard time deciding on specific parts. Any suggestions or assistance is greatly appreciated.
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[Q] Is it still possible for someone with a decent GPU to mine Litecoin with a profit?

Hey guys,
So I recently started reading into the whole cryptocurrency thing, and thought I might give it a try.
Now bitcoin is obviously not an option anymore for someone with no dedicated gear for mining, but it seems Litecoin might still be.
What I have : Desktop PC with 4th gen core i5 CPU, AMD 270X GPU, and 8 GB or RAM.
Electricity in my country is fairly cheap, and I think it will not be a problem.
Is it worth it to start mining? pool or solo?
In addition - I've looked into some guides about starting and read about cgminer and guiminer. But it seems the guide was pretty outdated, so I would like to ask if there are guides you recommend for a starting miner to read, that are still relevant today.
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Hello, shibes! I just started mining! Any good pools I can join?

Today I started mining using my GTX 750 Ti. It's at stock clocks atm, plan to overclock later. It's the FTW one from EVGA, supposed to overclock nicely :) I plan to get a R9 270 or R9 270x soon, for better FPS and more hashes :) I've been mining for multipool.us, but I'm disappointed at a few things. I don't mind donation fees - it's always nice to do that. The high transaction fees are what gets me. It's 1%, plus the 0.5% I'm donating. I'm using Cudaminer, and according to multipool it is mining LTC, FTC, DOGE, ANC, POT, a bunch of scrypt cryptocurrencies. I know that with the built in Cryptsy feature I could convert them all to bitcoin, but it's constantly switching and focusing my hashes on different scrypt currencies - sometimes multiple at once. I would like to mine just dogecoin with my cpu and gpu, and I plan to get some cheap block erupters for SHA256 currencies... not just bitcoin, don't mess that up.
I'd like to know of some nice dogecoin pools I could mine with... and if possible only dogecoin :)
thanks, sorry for the long post :P
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Most cost efficient motherboard?

I am looking to build a mid-ranged starter mining rig with room to expand in the future as I am able to gather more funds. I was never able to get into mining back when Bitcoin and Litecoin were introduced. For some reason Dogecoin was able to push me into the mining scene. Now I am interested in building a mining rig so that I can gain Doge from mining as well as buying, because just buying them is simply not enough for me!
I want to know, what motherboard is recommended for GPU mining? I plan on going with R9 270X. Going to start off with one, but hopefully looking to expand up to 4 in the future. Will also be going with a 1000W 80 Plus gold quality PSU.
I have seen that the asrock h81 pro btc is probably one of the best mobos for GPU mining but they're out of stock everywhere (I am from Canada). Ebay has it for ridiculous mark up.
Looking for recommendations for alternative motherboard.
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Mining and Gaming at the same time

Hi guys, I used to bitcoin mine and game with a lower intensity. Since Tf2 only seems to use 30-40% of my GPU, I could mine with the rest of the % with no real FPS drop. I tried putting in a significantly lower intensity number (7) currently using 13, but the miner just auto quit and wouldn't run. Anyone have any tips for me? I'm running a 280x and a 270x in the same system. I suppose I could make a script that just mines with the 270x? But would also like one that works on the 280x if possible. TYIA
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[Build Help] Few questions and insights about my first build

Hi all,
After weeks of hanging around I think I finally made up my mind and decided on a configuration. I have some few questions left. Here is the part list;
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor $200.00
Motherboard ASRock Z97 PRO4 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard $80.00
Memory Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory $45.00
Storage Sandisk SSD PLUS 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $85.00
Video Card MSI Radeon R9 270 2GB TWIN FROZR Video Card $120.00
Case Fractal Design Define R5 w/Window (White) ATX Mid Tower Case $0.00
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA G2 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply $140.00
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $670.00
Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-09-28 16:01 EDT-0400
I will use it for gaming and twitch streaming (mostly mobas and indie games, medium-high setting AAAs). Photoshop / video editing / music production stuff at hobby level. Few engineering programs like Solidworks, Matlab and light coding. Also I really want to run rainmeter full time.
Since this will be my first build I didnt want to go all-in. After I learn and experience the basics of building a PC, I really want to go crazy though and spent a few grands on latest tech and custom-loops. So I set a budget around $800 exluding peripherals, but I want to save as much as I can so I can spent the extra money on better screen, musical equipment etc. Also I am from Turkey and will order most parts from Amazon, so int. shipping prices will effect the budget too.
Thanks in advance
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[Troubleshooting] New GPU not being detected?

I can't quite figure out why, but my new GPU is not being detected by temperature-monitoring equipment, rainmeter, or even a bitcoin miner i downloaded just for the sake of detecting my gpus.
I have two 270x's in crossfire, but I just bought a small GT440 for the sake of CUDA coding. The fan seems to start spinning when I boot up the computer.
Any ideas? :(
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[Discussion] How does TDP translate to Heat, Power Consumption, & Noise?

I built a system a few years back that used Intel's HD3000 integrated graphics. This was back near the peak of the Bitcoin fervor, and the best bang-for-buck cards were in such high demand that you had to get very lucky or pay a 25% premium to a reseller. I was counting on graphics card technology to advance and the Bitcoin market to have a correction, so I went with integrated graphics and left myself some room in the case and some 200W of overhead on my PSU.
Now I'm looking at the Radeon R9 family (specifically the 270X) and I'm stunned at the high TDP numbers. 150W seems like a lot of heat, noise, and power draw. I understand power = heat (and watts are a unit of either) but I'm having a little conceptual trouble wrapping my head around it. So, a few questions:
It's been a while since I've had a discrete GPU in my computer so I guess I need to understand what's "normal" now.
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CGMiner 100% Rejected

Hey guys, I wanted to start mining CGMiner but all blocks are rejected. I have AMD R9 270X MSI 2GB RAM and my batch file is this:
start /D "D:\Dogecoin\cgminer-3.7.2-windows" cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://uk1.ghash.io:3333 -u riskyourrisk.worker1 -p password --temp-target 75 --auto-fan and what i get is this The problem is, it does it with all the pools and even bitcoin.(I was trying to mine dogecoins)
A lot of things weren't in the picture so I'll type them
Rejected 36ab2abe Diff 1.2K/1024 GPU pool 0 (Low difficulty)
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[SG] I Am Accepting DOGE as Payment for Custom GPU Mining Rigs for Local Pickup in Chicago, IL USA

I have two custom rigs / mining kits IN HAND and I am willing to sell. I will accept Bitcoin or Dogecoin for payment of course, or USD if you prefer I guess =)
Topaz - $850 / 1.7 BTC / 850k DOGE - 2x Sapphire R9 270 GPUs - Motherboard, CPU+fan, 3GB DDR2 RAM - 1x USB Powered PCI-E 1x to 16x Riser - 1x 40GB SATA Hard Drive - 750W PSU - Open air black metal frame - 810 kh/s Scrypt Mining on cgminer 3.7.2
Jet - $950 / 1.9 BTC / 950k DOGE - 2x Sapphire R9 270x GPU - Motherboard, CPU+fan, 8GB DDR3 RAM - 1x USB Powered PCI-E 1x to 16x Riser - 1x 40 GB SATA Hard Drive - 1000W PSU - Open air black metal frame - 880 kh/s Scrypt Mining on cgminer
Sorry but prices in BTC/DOGE are subject to change, I have to pay USD for all of the components here so I have to adjust for the exchange rate. Prices quoted here reflect the current exchange rates and will have to be recalculated if there is significant gain or loss of value on the markets.
Both rigs are mining away at the moment with cgminer 3.7.2, so if you want them they are basically plug-and-play, just need to be configured to point at your pools (which I can show you how to do if you are a newbie). Windows 7 is the 'trial version' so it will ask you for a validation code but it will run just fine without it. I am also willing to build and deliver fully working CUSTOM MINING RIGS at various hashing powers - 800, 900, 1200, 1500, and 2200 - for around $1.25 per kh/s (with payment up front).
Professionally I am a career educator, so I am very patient and willing to sit down with you if you are unfamiliar with crypto and explain how everything works. I will make sure that the miner I sell is configured right and ready-to-hash, and I will explain to you how to use it and how to keep it running right. I have mined scrypt coins on several different types of cards using both Linux and Windows OS, I have mined BTC using ASIC hardware, I have managed exchange accounts, qt-clients, and a futures account on ICBIT. So basically I have some knowledge and expertise I am willing to share with anyone who is interested and willing to invest some money with me for hardware.
I think that GPU rigs are still a very good investment in crypto for two reasons. At the moment the scrypt coin economy is pretty stable. 1,000 kh/s will get you the equivalent of 0.010 - 0.015 BTC/day depending on which scrypt coin you choose. There are several coins that give at least this good of a return, which is great on its own. But then add the fact that GPUs can be resold for a very good portion of the original value, and that a mining rig can be re-purposed as a workstation or gaming rig. Personally I think I can offer a really good value, and if my apartment were rated to deliver more electricity without overloading my circuits, I would be building and mining off of more cards myself.
I am also willing to buy/sell limited amounts of cryptocurrency in person - up to $1,000 USD. I have well established accounts on major exchanges so if you are looking to buy or sell without all that hassle, I can help you out.
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Any risks with second-hand GPUs formerly used for bitcoin mining?

Hello everyone,
I'm considering upgrading my GPU to an AMD Radeon R9. With my budget it can be either a 4GB 270X or a 3GB 280.
However, I have seen some 3GB 280X cards for 30% less than the ones above. The problem is that they have been used for over an year for bitcoin mining rigs. Technically they'd still be in warranty (have to check how that warranty transfers in resale), but I'm concerned that the stress from bitcoin mining might not make them worth the savings.
What do you guys think?
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Im kind of new to all this stuff, few questions for you guys

Ok so i have a Radeon R9 270x GPU and I plan on GPU mining. Im kinda just starting out of nowhere so I don't have much background in any of this stuff. All i really know is I need a cgminer, a wallet, a pool, and a worker(miner). I'm just not sure about a few things:
-How will medium/high intensity mining affect my graphics card?
--What is an average intensity setting using the miner?(between 8-20)
---What will happen to my GPU if I go too high?
-If anyone else out there has a Radeon R9 270x, what settings do you use in your miner?(intensity, temp, all the good stuff)
-How do mining pools work?
--Are some more or less profitable than others?
-Does it take more power to mine currency than it does to play games?
--How much is the average electricity cost?(500watt i think)
---If I want to add a Radeon R9 280x GPU to my computer would I need a higher wattage?
-Would it be better to change what I mine everyday to match the most profitable currency of said day or to mine one type of coin and wait for the price to go up?
--If I mine one specific coin should I mine an unpopular one and wait for it to go up or a slightly popular one or......any personal favorites you might want to share?
---I've only tried mining once with cgminer once, but if I do end up switching currencies everyday can cgminer mine most/all of them?
----How do i get actual money out of each different coin, do I have to convert them all to bitcoins, should I trade them, and whats the best option?
-How does block difficulty come into play and how does it change between coins, what else does it effect. Etc.?
[I know this is a lot of questions, but all opinions and answers are much appreciated] [Please comment if you would like me to number the questions] [I might edit in more questions, will mark those seperately]
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Field trip to the Bitcoinbrains store...

Well, I just got back from my trip to http://bitcoinbrains.com/ and WOW...am I impressed.
My first question, after being welcomed by everyone in the store, was "Why don't you guys allow me to get fiat for my Dogecoins like you do with Bitcoins?"....you know what there answer was?
We do, we accept almost all the crypto's. Not only that, they have such a good stock on everything you need to build a mining rig from GPU's 270X's as well as 280X's, motherboards, risers, even the real nice USB ones, they have real nice aluminum frames to mount everything on, you name it, they have it.
The part that impressed me the most about the place, was the warm and friendly way they talked about not only Bitcoin but also Dogecoin. There was no animosity of any kind regarding Dogecoin or any other.
These people are truly a benefit to the Dogecoin community as well as all the other crypto's out there. Have a look at there site, check them out, ask them questions to find out how their crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto works, they will be more than happy to help you out.
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Ethereum Zcash Mining for 48 Hours on a R9 270 GPU Part 3 of 4 Bitcoin LITECOIN ( LTC ) mining performance of AMD RADEON R9 series - R9 270X / R9 280X / R9 290 / R9 290X Nicehash mining 3 1080ti and 2 207x 4gb (surprisingly good) r9 270x ethereum hashrate Overclocking Radeon r9 270x Litecoin Mining Help

Im Zusammenhang mit der wachsenden Popularität von Bitcoin Ende 2013 hat sich die Komplexität des Minings vervielfacht. Viele Großinvestoren begannen, ASIC-Equipment für den Bitcoin-Mining im industriellen Maßstab zu kaufen. Mining-Kryptowährung auf SHA-256 ohne spezielle Ausrüstung hat aufgehört, profitabel zu sein (Bitcoin ist das profitabelste für Kryptowährungs-Mining auf dem SHA ... So I bough an r9 270x for super cheap and decided i'd give it a try at mining. Since I allready mine with Nicehash I tried to use the 270. It gets detected by nicehash (legacy ofc, since amd), I managed to get a few benchmarks to not fail. Radeon R9 270X Grafikkarte veröffentlicht von AMD; Erscheinungsdatum: 8 October 2013. Zum Zeitpunkt der Freigabe kostete die Grafikkarte $199. Die Videokarte ist für desktop-Computer ausgelegt und basiert auf der Mikroarchitektur GCN 1.0 codename Curacao. Boost-Taktfrequenz - 1050 MHz. Texturfüllrate - 84 GTexel / s. Leitungen - 1280. Gleitkomma-Leistung - 2,688 gflops ... GPU and CPU Benchmarks for Monero Mining. RANDOMX BENCHMARKS FOR MONERO MINING! Monero Price: 132.49 $, 111.91 €, BTC-XMR: 0.01009 - Time: 2020-Oct-25 15:20 America/New_York AMD Radeon R9 270X - 16MH/s Ethereum mining. Combine multiple GPUs and build your own mining computer / farm. Check out the profitability from using this GPU to mine at present hashrates.

[index] [13809] [42470] [28513] [1372] [6942] [16231] [1595] [31616] [42393] [25289]

Ethereum Zcash Mining for 48 Hours on a R9 270 GPU Part 3 of 4 Bitcoin

Mining Ethereum for 22 Hour's on a Pool, Earnings. R9 270 NON X GPU The election trump v hillary clinton Hillary clinton won Donald Trump won the civil war started by trump supporters. BBT Episode 7: 6 GPU Litecoin Dogecoin Feathercoin Mining Rig using the ASRock H81 PRO BTC - Duration: 10 ... AMD R9 270x + HD7770 on DELL 745: Bitcoin Test, Watts, Benchmarks - Duration: 2:40 ... LITECOIN (LTC) hardware mining review comparison charts - performance of AMD RADEON R9 series - R9 270X VS R9 280X VS R9 290 VS R9 290X measured and compared. You can mine LITECOINS LTC`s with ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Mining Ethereum for 26 Hour's on a Pool, Earnings. R9 270 NON X GPU The election trump v hillary clinton Hillary clinton won Donald Trump won the civil war s...