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Why a Swedish MP Is Joining Bitcoin Exchange BTCX

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Why a Swedish MP Is Joining Bitcoin Exchange BTCX

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Sweden Sees Record Trading Volume as MP Sundin Joins Bitcoin Exchange BTCX

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Why a Swedish MP Is Joining Bitcoin Exchange BTCX

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The Swedish tax agency wants customer's transaction history of the bitcoin exchange BTCX

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After Doge ad campaign in Stockholm Metro - Now you can buy passes with Dogecoin!

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You can now buy Public Transport tickets for Dogecoin in Stockholm, Sweden. This is HUGE.

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BTCX India: Exchange issues

Hi. I just tried transferring the XRP I bought from BTCX India to Poloniex. I submitted a withdrawal request yesterday and provided my Polo wallet address. The amount shows as withdrawn from my BTCX India wallet but it has not yet been credited to Polo. I'm getting worried since it has been over 24 hours. BTCX India has not provided me with a clear transaction id or a hash. I tried calling them, mailing them, live support but no response. Anybody around here used BTCX India and faced issues? What do I do now?
Update: Got the XRP credited in my Polo account. Took T+2 days from transfer.
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Announcement : Nova Exchange will close in October
Dear Nova Trader
The Board of Directors of the parent company has decided to set a new course for Nova and reshape the value offer into a new crypto trading experience. This means that on Monday, October 7, trading on Nova Exchange will cease and close. At the same time the Nova API will be deactivated.
The Nova Exchange terms & conditions are terminated. New terms & conditions are announced and will come into effect automatically 30 days from today's date (September 26, 2019). The most important part of this message is this:
This is purely a Business Decision. There has been no hack. There has been no fraud. There has not been any wrongdoing of any kind whatsoever. Nova Exchange will not assume responsibility for swaps or forks starting from today onwards. 
Goobit Group, that owns Nova, also operates the well known Swedish bitcoin exchange service BTCX. Starting from 2012, our team is among the best and the most experienced in the world in dealing with crypto assets. Now, even if we can’t disclose our exciting plans today, we can tell you that Nova, in some form, will enrich and play a key role in shaping the crypto future for the masses, however not in the shape and form that you know today. What happens now?
Obviously you, as a trader, are encouraged to withdraw your funds as soon as possible. Our team stands ready to help you get a smooth withdrawal process, however, the rules regarding identification (KYC), as stated in the terms of service that you have accepted when opening your account, must, and will, stand. No identification - No withdrawal
It is as simple as that. Even though trading will close, we must comply with the law, and make sure that all funds end up with its rightful owner.
The Nova platform will be open for regular withdrawals for one month after this announcement; that is until October 25 at 23:59 (CEST). After that date there will be additional fees charged, and we can’t guarantee at what rate we can accommodate your requests. It might take up to 30 days, depending on the load. So please make your withdrawals at your earliest convenience and DO NOT deposit more funds in the now obsolete addresses that you have used in the past.
The Nova Team is very proud and grateful to have been of service to you and we are thrilled to come back with the new products we're currently building.
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Swedish banks are slowly and quietly clamping down on bitcoin exchanges

Despite following the relevant financial regulations concerning anti-money laundering and know your customer rules, Swedish banks have unilaterally begun clamping down on the few local Swedish exchanges by shutting down their bank accounts.
FYB-SE posted this message yesterday in bitcointalk and emailed all their customers notifying them that their bank account would be closed this Friday 14th November.
BTCX are also having similar problems working with banks, facing the closing of several bank accounts and are also running out of options. They have written about this on their blog.
We all know that bitcoin is a threat to the banks and to expect a response, and now we're witnessing it in Sweden. They are taking an underhanded means which I believe is part of a larger plan to push legitimate, legal bitcoin businesses underground so that they can later claim "see we told you all along bitcoin is for criminal activity".
How can we respond to this?
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Ask your exchange for bitcoins from fossil free sources (I did, they liked my idea)

OK, so we've got the currency of the future, but to get to the future, we need to cut the CO2 emissions. And, currently all the miners around the globe consume a lot of energy. And I guess that quite a lot of it are from fossil sources.
So what I did was to send an e-mail to the exchange that I use ( and asked if they could think of selling bitcoins from certified fossil free sources, if needed for a small premium.
The answer was that, at least the person i communicated with, liked the idea and would bring it up to a meeting and discuss it.
So, if you use and are interested in buying fossil free bitcoin, please contact them too. If you are using some other source of bitcoin, try to lobby them.
I got the idea for this from myself, when I wrote about asking the exchanges to provide coins from BIP109 (Classic/XT)-blocks (if you like BIP109, that is). But I realised that the same thing could be used to get fossil free coins, and that is, at least for me, more important than getting the block rules to change to accept 2 meg blocks.
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Beleagured Romanian Bitcoin Exchange BTCxChange is Shutting Down
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Beleagured Romanian Bitcoin Exchange BTCxChange is Shutting Down (current BTC/USD price is $9249.25)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Beleagured Romanian Bitcoin Exchange BTCxChange is Shutting Down
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Bitcoin Price | Blockchain | ICOs
The latest Bitcoin news has been sourced from the Bitcoin Price and News Events page. CoinSalad is a web service that provides real-time Bitcoin market info, charts, data and tools. Follow us on Twitter @CoinSalad.
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ATTENTION! Only 3 days left to PRE-ICO!

Join us
The WISE Token distribution will take place from October 29, 2017 at 11:00 UTC till December 31, 2017. (the “Distribution Period”)
Distribution Period consists of Pre-ICO and ICO Distribution Period. at Pre-ICO Distribution Period (2017/10/29 11:00:00 - 2017/11/25 11:00:00) 20 WISE Tokens will be distributed for every 1 ETH contributed. 380 WISE Tokens will be distributed for every 1 BTC contributed. (*)
at ICO Distribution Period (2017/11/25 11:00:01 – 2017/12/31 23:59:59) 15 WISE Tokens will be distributed for every 1 ETH contributed. 285 WISE Tokens will be distributed for every 1 BTC contributed. (*)
(*) This value is regulated by exchange rate through contract variable - rateBTCxETH, this variable is corrected every day at 12:00 UTC time if exchange rate between 1 BTC and rateBTCxETH * ETH is more than 10%. At the moment of contract creation rateBTCxETH is set to 17. Here is set to 19 (5700/300 ~ 19).

preico #wiseplat #blockchain #bitcoin #ethereum #ico #3days #attension #join

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Bitcoin exchanges with self-signed, misconfigured or non-existent HTTPS servers. [security]

Hello all,
I did a brief preliminary report of Bitcoin exchanges and their HTTPS configurations. Good news a big chunk of them (even the smaller guys) are HTTPS prepped and have their servers properly setup. Unfortunately there are still many exchanges buying/selling/or handling Bitcoins who aren't keen on their user-client security. Why is this an issue? There are several reasons mainly ease of mind - knowing your provider is secure in at least one sense. But you also have to factor in ManinTheMiddle attacks, handling commerce/trades in plaintext, phishing attacks and so on. Read more here
Here is my list so far with a note for each issue. I've also contacted most, if not all, of these providing inquiring about their security initiatives. Spread the message: we want secure services.

No SSL server running at all. RESPONDED will implement on

SSL server running with expired, self-signed cert. RESPONDED awaiting new cert from Comodo.

SSL server running with self-signed cert for domain

SSL server running with self-signed cert

No SSL server running at all.

No SSL server running at all.

SSL server running with expired cert: The certificate expired on 9/2/2013 11:07 PM

SSL server running with self-signed cert. +

SSL servers running, but redirect back to http://

No SSL server at all. RESPONDED: Will work on implementation

Misconfigured HTTPS. Errors out.

Misconfigured HTTPS. Errors out.

Misconfigured HTTPS. SSL peer has no certificate for the requested DNS name

No SSL server at all.

Misconfigured HTTPS. No issuer listed.
I will update this thread with new additions that we find as a community, but as well as updates from site operators and fixes!
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Using he power as consumers by offering a premium for BIP109 (Classic/XT) blocks could be a way to encourage adoption of bigger blocks (and some other ways and thoughts)

My ideas for constructive measures to make bitcoin thrive without wasting your energy.
First, stay calm
Second, use your power as a consumer
Third, show your opinion
First, stay calm
I think Gavin Andresen have a very sound view of all things in this block size mess
I’m still worried about reliability of the network in the short term, which is why I’ve been so vocal on the block size limit issue, and which is part of the reason I’m supporting alternatives to Bitcoin Core. In the long run I think everything will work out fine, no matter what happens with the block limit.
Clever engineers will find ways to work around around the limit, whether that is ‘extension blocks’ or the lightning network or a sidechain that everybody moves their coins to doesn’t really matter. I’d prefer a nice, simple, clean solution, but I’m old enough to know that most of the world’s great technologies are built on top of horrifying piles of legacy cruft, and they work just fine pretty much all of the time.
And Bitcoin will survive without a short-term solution, but adoption and growth might be set back a year or two.
With that said, getting angry and upset will just drain your energy and makes it hard to do constructive things. You have to also realise that BIP109 failing is nowhere near the end of the world. I hope that one day a system that at least takes ideas from todays Bitcoin blockchain will be the monetary norm (because I do not trust todays banks and financial system). But that will take years and years to come, and we will have several setbacks along the road. I think the best way to make Bitcoin succed is to not take it to seriously or personal. Make it fun, make it a sport to find ways to circumvent the obstacles that is in front of you. Don't focus on the obstacles.
Second, use your power as a consumer
It is often said that the miners have power to decide if there will be a hard fork or not. Thats right, in a way. But the miners need us to buy their newly minted coins, and if we don't they have just wasted a lot of electricity and produced CO2-emissions for nothing.
When I buy bananas, I usually choose the ones produced organically (so the workers don't die because of pesticides) and fair trade certified (so the workers don't just avoid getting poisoned, but also get paid). I pay a premium for that, because I think the world gets better if I do, and I am a part of the world.
So lets buy the world changing organically grown fair trade equivalent of bitcoins. If an exchange, e. g. Coinbase offered BIP109-produced freshly minted coins, I would pay a premium for that. The good thing with bitcoin is that you quite easilly can trace your coins back to the block producing it, so noone can fool you. If I pay the exchange a premium, they pay the pool operator or mining operator a premium. The pool operator can pay more to their miners and the mining operator can by more equipment. The result is more profitabillity and more hashpower behind BIP 109. Other exchanges, miners and pools, will have to follow the money and start producing BIP109-blocks to remain competitive.
In the same way I personally would pay a premium to buy coins that I know are produced using renewable energy sources, and where workers producing the mining hardware from the rare earth mineral mines to the assembling lines get paid and decent working conditions.
Third, show your opinion
Businesses are not insensitive to opinion. If there are a lot of people running nodes supporting a diverse field of different implementations and implementations that support a certain feature, e. g. bigger blocks, they has to notice. And businesses usually want to keep their customers, otherwise, someone else will get them.
It is also a plus to have a lot of large block relaying nodes on the network if and when the hard fork occurs.
And if you haven't got the skill, the bandwith, or the money to run a node, do it together with somebody else. You could run a node in the cloud with a couple of other people, or by your self. Or, if there is somebody that has the posibility to run a node at home, but don't want to pay for the bandwidth by themselves, you could help them.
There are also the rented hashing power thing that you could send some mBTC.
Don't wait for the big guys to decide for you. It is the same in the Bitcoin world as it is in your every day life. Use your power as a consumer. Personally I will later today send a mail to the exchange I mostly use ( and se if the are willing to provide me with bitcoins thats produced from environment-, worker-, and BIP109-friendly sources.
Edit: trying to learn the fomatting
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BTCx - The Most Advanced Version of Bitcoin - Privacy Matters!

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