Bees Brothers: young cryptocurrency entrepreneurs keep ...

Bitcoin has taken the shot for us

It’s supposed to be an electronic cash system, but not “THE” electronic cash system used worldwide for day to day use, doesn’t matter how big or small is the value. Bitcoin won’t be that.
Bitcoin has taken the shot for us, for all of us in this community. In the current system that we’re living, distribution of money is far, very far from being fair. And by fair I don’t mean equal, since differences in people and nations will be reflected in the economy of the world. Bitcoin has been merged to this system.
Bitcoin did it for us. All the ideology and the philosophy behind Bitcoin. The message. The disruption. We knew that at some point the current system would try to absorb Bitcoin to their own world: regulations, the Wall Street, the hedge funds, the big investors, mining centralization. This is when Bitcoin started being absorbed to their world.

Introduce Monero

Or BitMonero, should I say. A small group of people that shared the love for Bitcoin, its ideals and cryptography, but also believed that privacy and fungibility are part of the main characteristics of electronic cash.
This group had the advantage of learning through its big brother failures. Watching and learning, trying to avoid the same mistakes, but having some mistakes of its own as well. Monero is, at the moment, being considered as something small – it’s “just a niche” some might say. But this is not true. Monero has the people and the potential to become what Bitcoin was supposed to be, philosophically speaking. Not only it has the real characteristics of sound money, it also has a better distribution model where people can mine with any computer, any web browser.
This doesn’t mean much, right? Do you care about decentralization at all? Don’t lie to me. Just a few people really care because the rest is too busy watching the price change. What you don’t understand is that with a good decentralization model you will have a fair distribution of the world’s wealth. In the future, anyone will be able to “make” money and this idea is extremely powerful. I can’t even describe with words the importance of this.
Now that the current system is busy exploring Bitcoin and dealing with it, Monero has the place and the opportunity for accomplishing the changes that Bitcoin wasn’t able. Like the little brother trying to avenge its big brother.
So, the window is here. This is the time to seize the opportunity. “What are you talking about? Should I buy more Monero?” No, silly. It’s time to make Monero known outside. It’s time to teach what Monero is about. See how I phrased that? Don’t just explain what Monero is. You should also explain what Monero is trying to achieve in the current financial system. Yes, you will talk about the price because people love the increase of value, but don’t forget WHY it has value on the first place!

Monero only exists because YOU are in it

Help people open wallets. Ask them if you can exchange value in this currency from now on. For business that have an online version, talk to them about GloBee and show how easy it is to accept this currency as payment method. For local business… I admit that I still don’t know how easy it is for a local business to accept Monero as a payment method. But if this is what is stopping us, we should come with a solution.
We should come with a solution to help the people of the world to liberate itself from the current financial system while they’re too busy with Bitcoin.
In the meanwhile, let's avoid making too many mistakes. Keep the community tight. Don't forget the main values and let's keep walking.
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Thoughts on the current tax regulation (focussing on Germany). We need a fast solution!

(Sorry if something is not clearly understandable, I'm not a native speaker. Also you might need to think into a different legal/tax system when reading this.)
I collected some thoughts about why I think that the current taxation on crypto currencies (as existing in some countries) is neither fair nor viable and potentially dangerous. Hopefully someone with great connections and a thick FIAT wallet will set a precedent soon.
Some technical issues preventing a fair taxation:
Thinking beyond:
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[PLEDGE] Please we need a new foundation - Today we start anew

Time to hard fork the foundation.
The current one is corrupt and must be terminated. They get rid of Mark stubbornly and now add an accused pedophile rapist and a guy from LITECOIN whos brother profited from his Chinese Bitcoin exchange by manipulating it.
The foundation has no authority and we should not recognize them. Can we please start a new one with good CLEAN people? I nominate the following and I will even donate:
CEO of Gyft
Bitpay CEO (though he's accused of being a pedophile also so maybe not)
Ryan Selkis two bit idiot
Andreas (though he too has been dirtied by neo bee)
Can someone get their attention and maybe we can pledge donations. I pledge 0.25 btc for now.
I am so sick and tired of their secrecy, corruption, controversies, fraud and scandals.
I'd like to call the new group, Two Bit Foundation
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Reddit Activist Network TL;DR News Dump 02/16/2012 06:30 EST

Wow.. maybe there's been a dip in the news but I feel if you've been keeping up with the TL;DR updates, you have a handle on everything major happening right now for the online freedom fight. :)
Which means I can start playing with some other stuff. Check back in today to see some projects, i'll try to get off the ground!
Reddit Activist Hivemind
Intellectual Property
Civil Liberties
Ron Paul 2012
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The best cryptocurrency Exchange Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss Gemini brothers: Exchange ... Winklevoss brothers: Crypto currency is here to stay 24/7 Live BTC Price and Significant Trades Hotbit Exchange Review  Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview by Bitcoin Lifestyles Club

It offers both an exchange and wallet in one, making it one of the easiest places to start with Bitcoin. Coinbase also supports Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Once you sign up and connect your bank account, you can easily transfer funds in and out of your account and convert them to Bitcoin and back to dollars at will. Coinbase charges a ... We accept Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ether Classic, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, and, of course, Bitcoin.The weighted average on Kraken is the exchange rate we use for non Bitcoin coins. Bitpay exchange rate for Bitcoin. Only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are automatic on our website, so if you want to use other currencies, you will have to send us an email with what you would like to get and the city to ship ... Tag Archives: bees brothers. That bitcoin thing… 5 Aug. So a few weeks a go I wrote a post introducing bitcoin and gave a fairly rudimentary explanation of what it is and where it comes from. In fact, a couple of things I mentioned were not completely accurate because, I was, and still am, learning about the currency, but I have a pretty good grasp of it now, even if I am not totally au fait ... Sweet success for Bees Brothers, world's youngest bitcoin entrepreneurs Most teenage boys are far too busy at school and interested in playing sports and computer games to set up a business on the ... Bees Brothers. Based in the quaint Cache Valley of Northern Utah, the family-run Bees Brothers began as a curiosity project to learn more about bees. Now the family is a staple at farmers markets and creates a wide variety of foods incorporating their homegrown honey (one such product being Honey Caramel). 9. BigFishGames. BigFishGames offers low-cost games for PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone and Android ...

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The best cryptocurrency Exchange

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, Gemini co-founders, discuss a new venture they hope could become a Nasdaq for crypto-currency Bitcoin. The bitcoin community and the wider crypto-currency community are full of people like the Bees Brothers. These are fascinating and intelligent people, who are passionate about life, and who are ... For more info concerning Bitcoin wallet card, litecoin wallet card, kindly visit website right here: Tags: asic bitcoin... Bitcoin is clearly the most exciting Internet protocol today. Texas Bitcoin Conference The Texas Bitcoin Conference will allow attendees to explore this new technology from a host of angles. It ... 24/7 Live Bitcoin Price and BTC Significant Trades This stream shows the Bitcoin Price, BTC Price on global exchanges, and BTC trading! This is an automated stream. Please feel free to embed or ...